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  1. Beta Carotene

    Beta Carotene

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    10,000 IU X 60 capsules. Beta carotene is one of the most powerful and effective anti-oxidants known to science to stop free radical damage and aging. There is no reason to take more than 10,000 IU. Beta carotene is the safe precursor to vitamin A. Learn More
  2. Better Prostate

    Better Prostate

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    60 Caplets. 300mg mixed plant sterols (beta-sitosterol), with 15 vital minerals and Vitamin D3. Ask for a free copy of Roger's book The Natural Prostate Cure. Best, most effective and comprehensive prostate supplement available. Learn More
  3. Supplements for Over 40

    Supplements for Over 40

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    NOW WITH SULFORAPHANE. Complete pack of all 18 vital supplements for people over 40. All Your Minerals®, All Your Vitamins®, Acidophilus, Beta Carotene, Beta Glucan, Beta Sitosterol (as Natural Cholesterol®), CoQ10, DIM, Flax Oil, FOS, Glucosamine, L-Glutamine, Lipoic Acid, NAC, PS, Sulforaphane, Vitamins D & E. Bought separately would cost $163.15. You save $13.15. Learn More
  4. Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto

    Worthless. Contains a mere 1/30 of 1% (one part in 3,000) of beta-sitosterols. You would have to eat 3,000 capsules a day of saw palmetto powder to get 500 mg of actual beta-sitosterol. Same applies to Pygeum africanum. Take real beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is the active ingredient and is 3,000 times stronger that saw palmetto berries.
  5. TMG (TRI METHYL GLYCINE aka Betaine Anhydrous)

    TMG (TRI METHYL GLYCINE aka Betaine Anhydrous)

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    500mg x 180 capsules. A natural amino acid found in our bodies vital to good liver function and promoting good liver health. This has also been shown to help normalize high homocysteine levels - a major indicator of CHD problems. Learn More
  6. Supplements for Younger People

    Supplements for Younger People

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    Supplements for those under 40. Children, adults under 40, and pets generally only need 8 supplements. Each pack contains All Your Minerals®, All Your Vitamins®, Beta Glucan, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Flax Oil, FOS and Acidophilus. Only $55, save $5. Learn More
  7. Natural Cholesterol®

    Natural Cholesterol®

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    60 caplets x 300 mg of mixed plant sitosterols to help normalize cholesterol levels. Over 30 years of clinical studies on this. See also BETTER CHOLESTEROL®. Read Roger's book "Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs". Learn More
  8. Miraculous Cream®

    Miraculous Cream®

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    *** SPECIAL, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS *** *** PLEASE NOTE THE FREE ITEM(S) WILL NOT REFLECT ON CART OR RECEIPT *** 2 oz jar. The best, most comprehensive, and effective face cream available anywhere. Contains 8 active ingredients: beta glucan; retinol-A; vitamin E; CoQ10; pregnenolone, melatonin, DHEA, and vitamin D3 - all in one cream. Compare to others that refuse to state the AMOUNT of each ingredient. CANNOT be shipped to New Zealand. Learn More
  9. Hair Again®

    Hair Again®

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    2 oz. jar. 11 natural ingredients. Hair Again® is the most complete product available. It helps support good scalp health. Based on 20 years of research. Contains CoQ10, Pregnenolone, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Beta Glucan, Beta Carotene, Vitamins A and D3, Quercetin, Melatonin, and Progesterone. Formulated for men only. CANNOT be shipped to New Zealand. Learn More
  10. Beta Glucan 1% Cream

    Beta Glucan 1% Cream

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    2 oz. The best, strongest and least expensive beta glucan cream available. Where else are you going to get a full 1% of real beta glucan (from yeast) at this price? There are many good clinical studies on the benefits of topical beta glucan. Learn More
  11. Better Cholesterol®

    Better Cholesterol®

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    60 caplets. Two caplets contain 300 mg of mixed plant sterols, 400 mg of beta glucan and 40 mg of soy isoflavones. Each bottle is a ONE MONTH supply - you must take 2 caplets daily. Read the book "Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs". Why poison yourself with statin drugs? Learn More
  12. Beta Glucan Better Immunity®

    Beta Glucan Better Immunity®

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    NEW! TWICE THE DOSE AT THE SAME PRICE 400mg x 60 capsules. Real lab certified 1/3, 1/6 yeast glucan. The most powerful immune system enhancer known to science. Read the booklet "What Is Beta Glucan?" Don't be misled by pseudo-scientific claims for other beta glucan products. Learn More
  13. Alpha Prostate

    Alpha Prostate

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    60 count each. 300mg mixed plant sterols (beta-sitosterol), with 15 vital minerals and Vitamin D3. Each bottle of Alpha Prostate comes with a bottle of All Your Vitamins® with all your 13 vitamins. Learn More

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